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Adoption Process


Adopting a Ragdoll kitten can be an exciting yet daunting process. That's why we're here to help you every step of the way to ensure the process is as easy and straightforward as possible. While you can contact us directly for guidance and answers, the information below provides a summary of the adoption process here at Magnolia Ragdolls. 

Step 1 - Waitlist and Reservation

There are two options when waiting for available kittens: (1) joining the waitlist and (2) placing a reservation deposit. If you would like to be contacted when we have news concerning future litters (pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, etc.) you can join our waitlist for free. Simply fill out our form on our Available Kittens page with your contact information and you will be added. The other option secures your right to select a future kitten via a $300 non-refundable deposit that is applied to the total cost of the kitten. Reservations follow the reservation order and the list will be maintained based on the date a purchaser commits to or places the $300 deposit. For example, if a purchaser places their reservation deposit first, they will have the first pick of a future litter; if a purchaser places their reservation deposit second, they will have the second pick of a future litter, and so on. You can view the Reservation Deposit Agreement here to see the full details. 


If interested in placing a reservation deposit, please contact us so we can set up some time to chat on the phone to ensure our kittens will be a good fit for you. 

Step 2 - Select Your Kitten

A few weeks after a litter arrives, we'll post pictures and info on our site. At that point, we'll contact those on the reservation list and let them know they can select their kitten, following the reservation order. Once everyone from the reservation list has chosen their kitten, any remaining kittens will become available for purchase for those not on the reservation list. 


Once a kitten is selected, we'll send you a contract to sign. You will then return a copy of the signed contract to Magnolia Ragdolls and we'll sign the contract as well and send a copy back to you to finalize the agreement. At that point, we will reserve the kitten for 7 days for you to place a minimum of 50% of the listed price. All payments are non-refundable per the terms in our contract. We are required to charge a state and local sales tax for any fellow Texas residents. Our Tax Permit number is: 32081479316


We will ensure all kittens receive their first round of immunizations (FVRCP), dewormer, and a clean bill of health prior to departure from our care. All kittens must be spayed/neutered by the customer by 6 months old as outlined in our contract. 

Note: Payment can be made via Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, cashier's check, or cash. If paying via PayPal or Cash App, the purchaser is responsible for any associated transaction fees.

Step 3 - Welcome Your Kitten Home!

Finally, when the kitten is ready to be welcomed into your home (between 10 and 12 weeks old), you can either arrange for the kitten to be shipped to you using a pet transportation service of your choice, or you can come to pick him/her up at our location. If not already paid in full, total payment is due prior to the kitten departing our care.

If you haven't already, feel free to visit our Available Kittens page to check the status on our current litters! 

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