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Our TICA registered Queens are the matriarchs of our Ragdoll family.  This is a great place to learn more about what makes our current Queens so special.

Queens: Our Services


TICA Registration: SBT 031320 097

Amareragdolls Bianca of Magnolia Ragdolls is a gentle, chocolate point Mink female Ragdoll whom we've cherished as a part of our family since the Spring of 2020. We've truly enjoyed watching her grow into the sweet, regal cat she is today. She loves climbing on her multi-tiered cat tree, following us from room to room, and finding cozy spots near her human companions.

Queens: Team
Ragdoll Seal Mitted Mink

TICA Registration: SBT 051221 130

Amareragdolls Esmerelda (Ezzie) of Magnolia Ragdolls is a sweet, affectionate, seal Mink mitted Ragdoll and our second Queen. She loves her humans and purrs so loudly! We love the contrast of her pure white ruff and chocolate brown fur, but her personality is what ultimately wins our hearts. 


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