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Our Background

Our story begins in May 2020 when we met our first Queen, Bianca. She came to us from Amare Ragdolls, located in Clark Wyoming, and has since become a beloved part of our lives. We fell in love with the Ragdoll breed because of their distinctive child-friendliness, personality, and warm companionship. Wanting to spread the joy we ourselves have experienced with Bianca, we decided to found Magnolia Ragdolls in sunny San Antonio Texas. While we have since moved to the neighboring town of Boerne, we proudly raise Ragdoll kittens for all our fellow Texans and beyond.

We treat all our cats as part of the family, keeping them with us in our home where they can experience all the cuddles and attention Ragdolls love so much. As a TICA registered cattery, we take our responsibility to our felines seriously and want every kitten to go to a loving home where they will be just as cherished as we cherish ours.


Number: 40382

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